Shen Yun ‘Takes your breath away,’ Says Designer

March 15, 2017

“I think it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s poignant. It’s very rich in history. I think it’s magnificent — the dancing, they’re so graceful; the colors – it’s incredible. It takes your breath away.”


“[The backdrop is] fabulous, and I love the effect of having it on the screen and then they come down and jump right to life; I think that’s really great. We all have enjoyed that very much, and the dance with the fans and flowers was just beautiful, incredible, they’re very talented, everyone.”


“I didn’t expect it to be so spiritual, and I love it. I’m not a religions person, I’m a very spiritual person, and it touched my heart very much.”


“I think it’s the message that we just saw: We come in to this world bare and we leave this word bare, and that life is so precious, and that heaven’s gate won’t always be open. So I think we need to make the most of everything that God gives us in our lives. Whether we call that divine or it’s God or whatever is our higher power, it was very moving to me.”


“I believe that, spiritually, if you believe in God or a higher power … that this is the journey, this is not our final destination. I believe there’s so much more for our spirit. That’s what I just took away from the beautiful song that the tenor sang.”


“[I feel] sad because I don’t believe people in China experience and enjoy the same privilege and freedom that I have [had] all my life, and it makes me very sad that that happens there. I hope people here in America and in countries that do have freedom appreciate it and take every opportunity to enjoy it and exercise their rights because it’s a privilege, it isn’t something that everybody has.”