Shen Yun ‘Takes you to the Creator,’ Dance Group Founder Says

February 18, 2018

“I really am mesmerized … everybody was amazing.”

“[I am] speechless, actually. I really loved the show.”

“I loved the [spirituality] … that takes you to the divine and takes you to the Creator.”

“It was amazing. It touched my heart.”

“You look at all the beautiful dresses and costumes and then with the [digital backdrop] background, the connection between the dancers with the background … it was so perfect.”

“The music was amazing, so everything combined touches your heart very deeply.”

“The [Shen Yun performers] are so beautiful. The people are so spiritual.”

“I can bring my little ones to see this show … it’s not just the beautiful dancers, the beautiful choreography, and the beautiful music, but also it takes them to the spirituality.”