Shen Yun Takes You on a Journey, Artistic Director Says

February 11, 2018

“I absolutely loved it. … It was stunning, every moment, every picture, everything about it, the music, the precision, the technique, the expressions, the feeling you get, the joy and love. …

“Every single [dancer] smiled and was engaged, and you felt like you were transformed. You were taken away. You were on a journey with them. It was fantastically staged. … The costuming, the colors, everything—it was brilliant.”

“I’m impressed with the fact that they continue to do new choreography every year. … That’s no easy task.”

“I’ve never heard that instrument [‘erhu’] played before, and I’m inspired by it because I’m always looking for new music and new material and new ways of moving my dancers. When I heard that, I was inside. I loved that music.”

“The first scene? I was thinking, I’m going to go on a journey. I’m going to learn something new tonight. I’m going to be transformed, and I’m going to be on the edge of my seat in awe because it was that inspiring.”

“The way the choreographer finishes the piece, we call it ‘to button it up.’ The way they buttoned up the last is just beautiful.”

“The awakening scene [‘The Divine Renaissance Begins’] was the perfect way to finish up the show. … It was inspiring.”