Shen Yun Takes Pride in Depicting our Culture

February 9, 2014 Updated: February 25, 2014

KOBE, Japan—“I was totally moved,” said Mr. Nisida Takeo, former official from the Department of Legal Affairs dealing with human right issues in Japan. 

The delicacy and glory of the divine Chinese culture impressed the audience at Kobe International House on Feb. 5 in Kansai.

Mr. Nisida attended the performance with his wife. “Shen Yun was fabulous,” he said. 

He was overwhelmed, and couldn’t wait to express his feelings, “I saw the essence of the Chinese culture here. The artists showcased the grandness and depth in Chinese culture with dance. I really appreciate Shen Yun’s effort.”

“Every program was great and marvelous,” Mrs. Nisida agreed.

New York-based Shen Yun presents 20 or so short dance programs that reveal the breath and depth of China’s thousands of years of civilization. 

Mr. Nisida continued, “There were many dynasties in the history of China. Shen Yun displays the most magnificent part of the past dynasties. Each program was arranged in detail and with much effort. All performers performed wholeheartedly and coordinate perfectly, making the show reach beyond the limit.” 

“The vocalists sang wonderfully. They were fantastic,” he said.

He was grateful for the Japanese translation of the lyrics. “The meaning of the lyrics is excellent. The vocalists presented them vividly and flawlessly,” he said.

He considered himself lucky and said, “My wife learned about Shen Yun from the newspapers. She heard that Shen Yun was excellent and graceful. That’s why we decided to come. ” 

He added, “It’s a blessing that this elegant and high-class show tours around the world. Not only are the programs fascinating, but the costumes are exquisite. People around the world should know about it. ”

“I want to tell more people about Shen Yun. I also wish all people in the world to find the pride of our cultural heritage. Chinese people should also know such a revival of the glorious culture.” Mr. Nisida emphasized. 

Reporting by Wu Lili and Hsiang- wei Yu 

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