Shen Yun Takes Me Back in Time, Company Owner Says

March 19, 2018

“[When the curtain first opened], I was very emotional and I shed some tears. I felt like this is what I really want all along, which is harmony and peace.”

“At first I was very happy while watching the performance. Then I saw the program, ‘Devotion,’ I began to shed tears. I am a traditional woman. So the devotion and patience for her family shown [on the stage] really touched me.”

“What Shen Yun is passing on to people is unwavering faith and compassion—finding our true self.”

“The performance opened the compassion deep inside us. … Maybe while working hard for our job, we might lose some of our original nature. But through this kind of arts, we can find our true nature again.”

“The special effect [of the digital backdrop] made me feel like traveling back in time—becoming part of the story, or more specifically, being one of the characters in the story.”