Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra ‘transports you to another world’

October 6, 2018

“I love the mix of Eastern and Western music. And I found a lot of the songs very playful. Yes, I really enjoyed it.”

“I felt I was transported somewhere else in time, like in a different era. I did feel the ancient type of vibes and atmosphere. Some of the later songs felt very modern and playful. And I never heard that kind of symphonic music before.”

“Elation comes to mind, very light-hearted, playful … soulful and playful at the same time.”

“It just transports you to another world. It is a nice escape from the day-to-day living.”

“At some point I felt I was going to enter an empire … you know like marching in with the army of a king.”

“I’ve gone to classical music concerts before. I enjoyed other classical music concerts, but this was an unexpected combination … a lot of fun.”