Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Relaxing, Calm, Powerful, Says Business Owner

October 26, 2014

MIAMI—For its second to last stop, the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra made its way to Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center Knight Concert Hall on Oct. 25. This was the orchestra’s sixth performance this season.

The New York-based company’s perfect harmony of Eastern and Western classical music gave the Miami audience members much to be excited about, and business owner Luiz Taves was no exception.

“Really good, really good; really powerful,” Mr. Taves said about the evening’s performance.

Mr. Taves, whose business involves repairing and overhauling aircraft parts, added that he was really interested to see the use of traditional Chinese instruments in the orchestra.

Indeed, the music of Shen Yun is buoyed by instruments from both a classical Western orchestra and the “soul-stirring melodies from the ancient Middle Kingdom,” as Shen Yun’s website puts it. “This is what makes Shen Yun’s music unique and is a new frontier in classical music,” says the website.

Mr. Taves said it was relaxing and calming. “It’s a really enjoyable sound,” he said, referring to the instrumental piece that featured three erhu soloists. The two-stringed erhu has a history of more than 4,000 years and is capable of conveying a wide range of emotions.

Three erhu soloists with the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra perform 'Sorrow Melts Away' at at Carnegie Hall's Perelman Stage on Oct. 11, 2014. (Dai Bing/Epoch Times)
Three erhu soloists with the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra perform ‘Sorrow Melts Away’ at Carnegie Hall’s Perelman Stage on Oct. 11, 2014. (Dai Bing/Epoch Times)

But Shen Yun’s use of instrumentation was not alone in strengthening his impression. Mr. Taves said he also highly enjoyed the vocal performances by Shen Yun’s award-winning vocalists who use the bel canto style to sing Chinese text. “We love it … really nice,” Mr. Taves said.

Mr. Taves, a member of the Adrienne Arsht Center, brought seven friends with him to the performance. He mentioned that he planned on telling more people about Shen Yun’s performance as well.

Reporting by NTD Television and Michael Fitzgerald

New York-based Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra comprises musicians from the four Shen Yun Performing Arts touring companies. Epoch Times considers Shen Yun Performing Arts the significant cultural event of our time.

The orchestra’s North American tour runs through Oct. 27. For more information, visit

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