Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Makes Psychotherapist Feel Like a New Person

October 13, 2018

“It was wonderful—I felt very celestial, very heavenly … I’ve been wanting to come for years, but I haven’t, I’m glad I did.”

“I’m a bit of a percussionist. I loved it all, but I was listening to the percussion because that’s what I do. I loved it.”

“I like to sit up close because I like to see everyone’s faces because I like to see the passion and the faces of the musicians as they are playing. I think if they’re moved to be doing what they’re doing, I’m going to feel moved.”

“Everyone was wonderful. The soprano, the soloist—all were wonderful. There were a few people that I was kind of looking [at], that I felt drawn to, but I don’t know what it was, but I just felt that connection. I felt connected to certain people, I felt their passion.”

“I’m a new person! I guess I’m a new person. I’ve been touched.”