Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Creates a Special Energy Field, Concertgoer Says

September 25, 2017

“I have listened to a lot of different orchestral music, but this is my first experience listening to Shen Yun’s music. It was a different feeling. When I arrived [at the theater], I was shocked—why were there so many people? I think it was a convergence of energy—there was a special energy field drawing people to see this performance.” 

“While watching the performance, I sensed energy coming out from every [musician]. It came from their body. It is not easy to describe that feeling. I felt hot— heat coming from my heart—but it had nothing to do with the air conditioning. [There was] hot energy from the piece “Plum Blossom.”” 

“Plum is our national flower, and to be able to hear such a passionate song in our homeland was very touching.” 

“The music brought life and beauty to our world, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.”