Shen Yun Spiritual and Joyous, Artist Says

January 28, 2017

“The dancing, the choreography, the sets, the way they used computer graphics, was so gracefully done. It was a combination of all the arts. I’m an artist, so I really appreciated the costumes, the color. It was so beautiful. I’m a painter.”

“The color was amazing. It set the mood for each performance, and when they wanted to bring out a certain character, they had that character in a different color. You could tell what was happening by what the dancers wore.”

“It made you feel happy. [The artists] gave you a lot of hope as they told the story. It always had a happy ending, and it was always beautiful. Not only were the dances beautiful, and the story itself, but they were dreams, they were imagination, they were very creative stories.”

“I feel touched by the whole performance, and I hope to come back next year to see it again. I really enjoyed it.”