Shen Yun ‘So beautiful that I had tears’

January 12, 2017

“I thought it was really beautiful. There were [some parts] that I thought were so beautiful that I had tears coming from my eyes.”
“Listening to [the soprano] was spectacular. When she was done, I was definitely teary-eyed.

“It was because she was just so talented and she had such a spirit in her, that you can tell that she really enjoyed singing, and what she was singing meant a lot to her.

“The lyrics were very beautiful as well. I loved the story at the end where they talked about if you are good then you will be rewarded and I think that is a very important message, so that people can realize that their actions are important and you choose—like in the song—you choose your fate, and if you choose to be good then you will bring goodness to yourself, and if you choose evil, then that will come upon you as well.”
“I liked that it’s [new programming] every single year. I thought that if I see it once that’s enough, but now I know that you have to come back and see it.”
“It was beautiful and spiritual and enlightening as well. It made me feel very good inside.”