Shen Yun Shows Us a New Face of China

April 8, 2018

“I saw Shen Yun about five years ago at the Civic Opera House. Amazing, amazing, the characters get up in the air and they do flips and they look like they are stuck in the air, and they don’t come down and then they do. And the costumes are wonderful with the sleeves that flow out like this and the banners, just absolutely wonderful.”

“That is one of the most amazing things about this program is that they can put it all together, and the choreography.”

“Why is it important, the culture? … We have to expand, we have to see other people and understand how they are. If we just saw China the way the newspapers present it, we would say, “Oh!” But we come to something like this and we say, “Oh, there is a whole different face to China.”

“I’m a Christian so I have the same type of feeling [that heaven will help good people]. It’s all the same thing, just a different face to it.”