Shen Yun Shows ‘There is always hope’, Says Former Skater

January 22, 2017

“[Shen Yun shows] there is always belief, there is always help, never give up … When things go wrong or when things aren’t quite right, there is always hope. If you have that, good things will happen, and they do.”


“There was humor, there was sadness, there was anger, there was everything–every emotion possible. The way they depict it through their dance and through their movements was simply amazing.”


“It was very technical and precise. The unison was spectacular. Everything—the timing, the control, every step that they took—was in perfect unison, and I appreciate it so much.”


“I paid attention to the intricate movements, and it was just beautiful. I was so impressed.”


“The stories were beautiful—to take us through all the eras. We learned a lot today.”


“I think Chinese culture can offer many good things to the world: How Chinese people value others, and not just themselves. How they persevere whenever there are situations where they need to stand up, and believe, and help others. That’s a very good message that they have for the world.”