Shen Yun ‘Shows the True Culture of China,’ Professor Says

April 30, 2018

“I like it very much. The colors are very vivid, very colorful. … The dances [are] very beautiful, [and] the music is beautiful—mesmerizing.”

“I really like the way that [Shen Yun performers] are showing the true culture of China. … They actually show the spiritual depth of the Chinese people, it was different than what I have been seeing in the media.”

“[Shen Yun] integrated the visual, digital things in the real life, that was super. So the way they touched the screen [digital backdrop] and they disappeared, they must have rehearsed many, many times. It was excellent.”

“[The music] is very soothing. It is very touching. … I find it more spiritual, really comes from the inside.”