Shen Yun Shows That Earthly Things Don’t Matter

February 16, 2017

“The artistry, the balance, the beauty, and the smiles, and so delicate—the beauty was so delicate on all the men and women. … And I was enthralled, that was my reaction.”


“The storytelling was so cogent. They had so many scenes where you could cry … . And it was very simple and simply done. So beautiful.”


“I found [the spiritual theme] to be very similar to Christianity …, and that we all come from Heaven. … We have only Heaven waiting for us. We only have all eternity and all creation, and there’s nothing to fear. … And it said, ‘our earthly things, it all ends at the grave.’ Everything that a person was ends with the grave. … A hundred years from now, just a measly hundred years from now, none of us will matter to anyone. We’re going to be in the ground, and that’s going to be it. And yet, the philosophy of Jesus, the philosophy of Buddha, all these things exist and continue to exist.”


“It goes through the ages and so many religions. We’re all one, no matter what we are, Chinese, or Negro. We’re all people. We’re all together. We’re all similar.”