Shen Yun Shows Not Only Incredible Artists, but Incredible Spiritual People

March 12, 2017

“It was very spiritual, very magical, and very deep, and I can sense … God in it—God. The Chinese have a different perspective of God, but God is only one.”

“In many different places, God … is shown in different ways, and in China, I’m surprised, because the media showed China as people who agreed with present [communist] situation—and they show like it’s part of history, Chinese history—not everybody in China agrees.”

“God is supposed to be everywhere, and lack of God—it’s nothing good. It doesn’t give anything good. We can see it in China, all over the world, so there is a lack of God’s spirit in everybody.”

“Incredible. Those people are really incredible artists. They are very talented, and, as I read, they are very spiritual, as well. They meditate, so those people are not only perfectly perfect [in gymnastic technique], but they are very well-built spiritually.”