Shen Yun Shows Hope for the World, Writer Says

March 18, 2018

“I thought it was beautifully done. [It] told a lot of stories about China, had a lot of spirituality. It had a lot of what’s happening in the world, and at the end, it showed hope for the world.”

“It was beautifully done—the dancing, the costumes, the narration. The fact that they told us what was going on with each dance made it really meaningful. The costumes were magnificent. The special effects were just out of this world.”

“The ‘Devotion’ [dance] piece really touched my heart.”

“I was very touched by the spirituality because I think God relates to all of us, regardless of what religion it is from. The spirituality touched me a lot.”

“I noticed the soprano and tenor both had the same message. It was beautifully done. I thought it felt like … no matter who you are in this world or from what ethnicity or group or culture, whatever, the message is the same—that you can be saved by the same divine being.”