Shen Yun Shows Bring Legends to Life

January 17, 2015 Updated: January 17, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS—”I think it’s very visually beautiful,” said Jean Easter. “Visually, it’s just very stunning, and the costumes were beautiful.”

Ms. Easter, an Art Conservator from Indianapolis, attended the Shen Yun performance on Jan. 16 at Indianapolis’s Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University. Her company, Easter Conservation Services, “specializes in the conservation of frames, gilded objects, furniture, paintings and prints,” according to its website.

She was accompanied by Christopher Anderson, a local residential remodeler. He appreciated the expressiveness and passion of the dancers, as well as the stories their dancing told.

“The stories were great!” Mr. Anderson said, especially noting the dances Capturing Arrows With Boats of Straw and Fable of the Magic Brush.

According to the Shen Yun website, the story lines in the New York-based company’s performances draw upon stories and legends from China’s history and culture. Shen Yun tells a variety of stories from classic Chinese literature and some from modern day experiences in China today as well.

Ms. Easter thought the stories were “very intriguing and very clever,” and appreciated the breadth of Chinese history and culture and felt that Shen Yun did a masterful job with the artistic presentation, even though it would be impossible to cover it all.

She also thought that the stories of modern day were well done, some of the dances relate stories about the current situation in communist China—the repression of people of faith.

But since Ms. Easter works in the visual arts, summing up Shen Yun for her, stressed the visual beauty: “It’s a treat visually. They’re beautiful, the colors, and the artistry and the dance, it’s very, very stunning.”

Reporting by June Kellum Fakkert and Paul Darin

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