Shen Yun Showing the Beauty of Chinese Culture in Las Vegas

March 13, 2017

“It was very impressive. You could tell that there is a lot of discipline, there is a lot of heart in what they do, and a lot of passion. … It is amazing how much of their message they can give to you without saying any words, and even though you may not understand all of what is going on, there is definitely a feeling there that they leave inside your heart, it’s really awesome.”


“I feel that this [Chinese culture] is a very beautiful culture, and they feel very strongly about their people and the struggle that  they have been going through in their country. It’s not something I’m fully aware of, but I definitely pick that up during the performance, and understood that it is something there and real. The culture is just beautiful, and it has been established for thousands of years, and there, the people are very proud of that culture, and they are brining that forward, and it’s really neat because it’s something that they can bring to the younger generation and keep that culture going, so I think that that was impressive.”


“[The dancers are] beautiful, just outstanding, like I said, very disciplined, very strong, on point. The costumes, the choreography — it was just amazing, it was very different, something that I had never experienced before.”


“[The choreography was] very unique, fresh. Every scene was very different, so it kept your attention, you just didn’t know what to expect next, so it was really neat that way.”


“[The vocalists had] amazing voices, I’ve never heard voices that could do that, I’ve never heard a soprano or a tenor give a solo performance like that. It was very, very impressive.”


“[Everyone] needs to see it at least once. You need to come at least once and then you’d want to come again.”