Shen Yun Showed Beauty, Joy, Compassion and Grace

May 3, 2017

“This is the second time we have seen this wonderful show and are looking forward to see the show next year.”

“We live in the Heidelberg area and drove approximately 60 miles to see the opening Shen Yun show in Frankfurt.”

“The Shen Yun performers showed me beauty, joy, compassion and grace—something that should be fundamental to everyone.”

“The scenes that showed us the ongoing suppression told my mind that violence is never a solution. We are all in the same boat and no one is more valuable than the other person, no matter the background.”

“I was most impressed. Every word in the songs spoke of truth and wisdom. These are attributes that existed thousands of years ago, should exist today and will exist in the future.”

“The Shen Yun show reinforced the belief in me that humans came from the above and will return to the above. A human has a spirit, body and soul. The soul is connected to the divine, which is its original home.”

“Every good action and deed affects the universe, and accordingly, every bad deed also affects the universe. By the latter I understand that it bring disorder to the universe. Therefore, the Shen Yun tells us that our major task on this earth is to strengthen the divine. This is our most important task.”