Shen Yun Revives the Essence of Culture, Says Director General of Education Bureau

March 15, 2017

“I’ve seen Shen Yun five or six times, and I felt it very touching every time. … I feel like I have an appointment with Shen Yun every year. As long as Shen Yun visits Kaohsiung, I’ll see it every time.” 


“[Shen Yun] has revived the essence of the [traditional Chinese] culture in the modern world; therefore, I think all students and parents who love arts should see Shen Yun to get some inspiration.”


“Students who like arts would definitely be touched by Shen Yun—and have longed for such extent of achievement.”


“Shen Yun showcased the 5,000 years of [Chinese] culture. Every artist and dancer is so dedicated to their performances. They presented the beauty and purity of the arts. Their dances and costumes are pleasing to the eye.”


“Every year, I was truly touched and amazed. You will find that the dances performed by these male and female artists are really superb and pure. This is something that I think Shen Yun is different from any other performances.”


“Shen Yun demonstrated the important parts of the culture through various kinds of dances. In addition, it has very good original music and exquisite costumes.”


“Everything is original; among others, the animated backdrops. It’s a great innovation that is so spectacular and lifelike. I think this is the main reason why it has become a top-notch, comprehensive, cultural, artistic performance.”


“Without Shen Yun, in fact, we wouldn’t be able to see such a comprehensive Chinese cultural dance and music performance. Shen Yun’s perfect presentation of the legendary stories with cultural content in various dynasties is something unprecedented. It’s a big production.”


“The dance piece ‘Tibetan Drums’ is very unique. The curved drumsticks are very special too. These male and female dancers’ skills are marvelous. They performed difficult techniques such as jumps and rotations successfully.”


“Many people in the education circles have attended the performance during Shen Yun’s Taiwan tour. In fact, there will be more people seeing the show through word of mouth every year.”


“What Shen Yun has left me [with] is a touching and happy performance. I think everyone should see Shen Yun, and one will have touching feelings after seeing it.”

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