Shen Yun Reveals Traditional Chinese Culture

January 15, 2018

“We love it. It was definitely something new for us. It was a learning experience. I like to study different cultures. It was an interesting new culture for me to explore … This is my way of taking a trip there.”

“What was very impressive for us was the technique of the dancers—we are very impressed to see the technique of these dancers.”

“When they played the erhu, they mentioned how it can create different emotions. It was kind of sad at first. When the beat started to speed up, when the tempo started to speed up, it was a happy emotion. There was a lot of emotions that you can see—the emotions in the storyline, in the dancing … It was very interesting.”

“I would like to tell [my friends] that they should definitely see it. I think it is worth exploring to learn about a new culture, especially my friends that are interested in dancing. They would definitely appreciate it. Definitely go see it.”