Shen Yun, Retired Minister Sees Similarities Between Eastern and Western Spiritual Culture

January 1, 2018

“Oh we loved it! The music was just so delightful and the costuming was just incredible. We just returned from a cruise and we saw the advertisements on the cruise and then we got home and had announcements in our mail and I said, ‘We’ve got to go!’ And we decided right then and there to come. We’re so glad we came.”

“[Traditional Chinese culture is] very interesting. I especially enjoyed the [emcees] who came out and told us what it was going to be about and then reading about it in the brochure was just very enlightening. We really appreciated it.”

“I think that the Chinese culture has some similarities to Christianity and the heavenly beings and wanting to go to heaven and coming from heaven. I think there’s some similarities there.”

“It’s exciting that the Chinese culture is coming to America and we can share. There are so many Asian people here and we just need to embrace the Asian people and I want them to come and see this. And it will inspire them very, very much.”