Shen Yun Reminds Us to Cherish Our Freedoms, Professor Says

February 27, 2017

“Bringing a pair of binoculars would ruin the show because you would see individual people up close instead of the whole group dancing together, which is the most amazing part of it. It’s not really parts; it’s the sum of all the parts that makes it work. It’s individuals merging their individual talent to make a group talent that is far beyond what each individual can provide.”



“The combination of the computer graphics in the background with the modern-day situations expressed Falun Gong’s concern about the way that freedom of expression is being crushed in communist China and reminds us that our freedoms are something that should be deeply cherished and not easily let go. …


“When the government prevents you from doing something simple like meditating and trying to form a mental space around yourself where you can be alone and develop your person, that’s a dangerous government.” [Mr. Beckman is referring to the dances ‘A Child’s Choice’ and ‘Boundless Compassion.’]