Shen Yun Reminds People of What’s Really Important

January 18, 2018

“I thought the music was wonderful, especially the part where the woman was playing the instrument, the ancient instrument with only two strings. That was really a highlight for me in terms of the music. I found that mesmerizing. I would’ve watched her for hours. I thought it was just superb. She was so skillful and just so beautiful.”

“I felt like very exalted and happy listening to this instrument. I thought it was very special. I mean, she played so beautifully. It was very evocative and I had a lot of feelings when she was feeling … very hopeful.”

“The moments where there were many goddesses coming down and dancing … I just thought that was brilliant, and it’s not often that I see a show like that, that has that kind of spiritual quality to it. So I found that very delightful and fulfilling … It was very uplifting and I thought it’s nice that [to] bring such an element to people in NYC and help to remind them of what’s really important.”