Shen Yun Reconnects Us with Traditions, Says Audience Member

March 21, 2017

“It’s very good, well presented. One is intrigued by certain symbols that are polyvalents and of course the perfection in the dance. One is transported by these accounts in the style of tales, and it puts you in a kind of bubble far from the day-to-day affairs.”


“It is my father’s birthday and he greatly appreciates synchronized movements and all that has to do with history, tales, and storytelling.”


“I think that [traditional Chinese culture] is a good thing. When one is often in the material world, in one’s personal interests, it is good to come into contact with a highly spiritual culture that is not only sublime but also sensible.”


“I will recommend this show when I can because I find that it opens up the mind. There is, in our country, a rejection of these traditions and in all the great industrialized countries there is also a rejection of these traditions—I think that it is a good thing to come into contact with these traditions and to rediscover them.”

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