Shen Yun ‘really opened me,’ Theatergoer Says

March 6, 2017

“It was more than I had anticipated. It really affected me, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to [see] for many years.”

“We focus so much on things that are not necessary, which is a lesson that I’ve learned in the past years, that a lot of energy in my life has been spent on foolishness. … In my lifetime, I pursued certain things I thought I was supposed to pursue in this material, competitive environment. It took me a long time to find spiritual grounding, … which has enabled me to really appreciate a performance like this—the beauty, the pageantry, the message, of course, the sadness underlying the oppression [of Falun Gong].”

“It hit me at such a physical [level]. I felt it in the body, not in the head. It’s very visual. … It felt like I was having some type of treatment. It felt like it was soothing me.”

“The energy—it’s so visual and precise and beautifully choreographed. I don’t understand enough about Chinese philosophy and medicine and everything, but I know it’s very powerful stuff, and it felt very powerful.”

“It really opened me and resonated.”