Shen Yun Provides Hope With Help From the Divine, Says Audience Member

March 3, 2017

“It’s a beautiful performance, it’s fantastic skills … and the way they make you feel everything, what they’re trying to say in the dance without the words—so emotional.”


“There was a gentleman [tenor], an artist who sang beautiful words in Chinese, but it was translated on the screen and it gives you so much hope, so much joy … you could feel that you are a part of all of this, what they try to express. 


“And I’m very happy to be here and to see this, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again and other performances from Shen Yun. I think they did a great, great show and God helped them to do more for people.”


“They make audiences feel that we are not alone. On the stage, it’s so much love and so much professionalism in the dance.”


“It was talked about how great God is … and how lucky we are to be part of all of this, and how lucky we are to find ourselves and our mission in this world.” 


“It’s beautiful, it’s beyond beauty. … It’s a beautiful story what they [take] from a book, from life, what they implement in a dance, … they transform that feeling into a beautiful performance. That’s the highest art that it can be.” 


“The ability to give people that beauty to feel, to see, and to be happy—that’s the most important part. We are all in here to feel happy, and they’ve done that with the beauty of the performance, [to] bring us close to God, to the love. It’s very, very needed for each individual.”