Shen Yun Produces Happiness for Manufacturer and Daughter

January 4, 2018

“It was wonderful. It’s fantastic. I’m moved by it, as is my daughter.”

“[The dancers,] they’re wonderful. Incredibly well trained.”

“[After watching this show I feel] enlightened. I feel a sense of happiness, a sense of excitement. I feel a little bit giddy, a little bit childish, probably in part because I’m with my daughter and she had enjoyed it so much.”

“Without question, it’s visually stunning.”

“I feel excited. Very excited, very happy. I’d say happiness is the feeling I feel most, elicited by the colours.”

“I’ve never seen that [backdrop technology] before. I don’t know if that’s a normal thing but I think it adds tremendously to the show. I can tell by many people around that that was a highlight, an unexpected highlight. When you see the advertisements you see the dancers but you don’t see that backdrop being used and that’s pretty neat. I’m keen to know if that’s a method that’s been used for long periods of time or if it’s new.”