Shen Yun Presents Its Message With Exquisite Delicacy, Says Professor

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SEVILLA, Spain—Mar Llera Llorente, a professor at Sevilla University, felt moved and shaken to the core after watching Shen Yun’s performance on March 9.

Exiting Cartuja Center Cite at the conclusion of the evening, Ms. Llorente said Shen Yun “expressed the reality, spirituality, and moral commitment of humanity in a very beautiful way. It was done with exquisite delicacy.”

“[The performance] appealed to us at a time when we’re so blinded to what is happening in the [world,]” she said.

“The Chinese communist regime represents a threat to all of us and our way of life. [Its ideology] is completely removed from the spiritual and moral foundation of our civilization.”

Shen Yun Performing Arts was founded by a group of leading Chinese artists who fled the persecution of China’s ruling communist party. In the decades since the regime’s violent takeover, Chinese traditional culture was pushed to the brink of destruction.

Now in the safety of America, these New York-based artists are determined to bring China’s 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture back to life and share with everyone the beauty before communism.

Ms. Llorente said Shen Yun’s mission to revive traditional culture is “not just important, but essential because the Cultural Revolution had swept it all away.”

“[The artists] presented their messages in a very clear and sensitive way,” she said. “They’re not just putting on a show for the love of the arts and aesthetics—that part was also very exquisite—but to bring awareness to a cruel reality that would be our future if we do not prevent it.”

She was especially touched by Shen Yun’s dance piece depicting the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners—a peaceful group that upholds the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

I was also amazed by the beauty and elegance that they were able to summon to overcome these tremendous hardships.
— Mar Llera Llorente

“I was tearing up over the suffering of the Chinese people. Yet, I was also amazed by the beauty and elegance that they were able to summon to overcome these tremendous hardships,” Ms. Llorente expressed.

“[Shen Yun’s] presentation was very elegant. It was protesting without violence and in a language that can reach everyone.”

A researcher of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Ms. Llorente is very familiar with the conflicts and societal issues of Asia.

She thinks Falun Gong is so popular in China because it allowed “people to find themselves, their deepest roots, and discover what gave their lives meaning as people and as a society.”

Yet this is something the ruling regime does not allow. For insisting on speaking out about the human rights issues of present-day China, Shen Yun is slandered and banned by the Chinese Communist Party.

Ms. Llorente is well aware of this situation.

“The Chinese migrants I know in Sevilla get scared when they see posters advertising Shen Yun because they are so indoctrinated by the communist party,” she said.

“I always said to them, ‘Hey! Come find out [about Shen Yun] for yourself. They will not force you to do anything. It is exquisite art.’”

If Ms. Llorente gets a chance, she would like to give a heartfelt embrace to all of Shen Yun’s artists.

“I felt an unspoken connection with them even from the stage. I would like to deepen that communication and express my gratitude, my recognition, and my congratulations in person.”

Reporting by NTD, Catarina Silva, and Jennifer Tseng.

The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts. We have covered audience reactions since Shen Yun’s inception in 2006.

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