Shen Yun Pleases the Eyes and Soul, Ballet Academy Director Says

April 1, 2018

“It was very, very nice, very pleasing to the eyes, pleasing to the soul, and very professional. I really appreciated [the performance].”

“This [classical Chinese dance] goes back thousands of years. I was impressed to learn about that. … We enjoyed it very much.”

“The mime, the pantomime, and everything that they did with their body language were very impressive. The facial expressions and everything else are beautiful. It was really very touching.”

“You can really feel from what they were dancing, what they were transmitting, all the feelings and what they went through—the pain, the sorrow, the happiness, the joy. They were really great getting that through [in] their dancing.”

“The message is that we have one creator. I believe in God. … God’s message never changes. It is the same from the beginning, … [but] the world changes all the time. … We should stick to what God originally intended for us to be—to be good and to be loving. Now there is a lot of evil, a lot of bad in the world, so we should go back and seek our roots.”

“There is a message, there is a revelation, and it was very nice to see that.”

“[The performance] is very intense, very deep. … It has a meaning, and it is done with excellence. Everything that we do for God has to be done with excellence—with love, with respect, and with joy. I saw all of that in [the performers].”

“I felt a lot of love. … We believe that God is love. … [There was] a lot of love around the dancers.