Shen Yun Performance Was Like a Revelation

May 3, 2017

“Marvellous—it was like a revelation. I have not yet landed back on earth. This was the most beautiful show I have ever seen. This was like a dream.”


“I went from the heavenly to the divine. It is good that it is already night—one will go to bed and dream about it until one awakens to a new day.”


“The scenes told me of the divine, including the scene about the monkey king.”


“Most touching was the scene on Tiananmen Square [‘Child’s Choice’ piece]. It was heart rendering and brought tears to the eyes.”


“I gleaned compassion, strength and courage, as well as the hope to overcome a challenge and to defy all odds.”


“The entire world must learn compassion, including us. One should not judge until one is better informed, finds the actual history and then commits to get involved.”


“My heart is filled with joy that something like Shen Yun exists. It brings happiness to me that Shen Yun is shown in so many different parts of the world, often at the same time.”