Shen Yun Performance Impresses Senior Vice President

April 2, 2017

“I’m wowed by the amount of thoughts that went into this production…[I] love it. [It’s] very interesting, [it] keeps the mind going.”

“[I was] just basically sitting there in awe and admiration.”

“I love it. To me, it’s interpretive dance…[Shen Yun dancers’ skills] are phenomenal. It’s pretty incredible. And the synchronization is remarkable.” 

“I like the way that [the digital animation] takes you back in time, and then you juxtapose that with modern technology.”

“I’m learning about China… I follow the story because I get the idea [it’s] showing the history of China and different regions in China.”

“I think it’s important for every culture to connect back to where they came from. I like it.”