Shen Yun ‘Overwhelmingly beautiful, absolutely breathtaking’ in Adelaide

April 30, 2017

“Absolutely wonderful, breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking, wonderful.”


“The grace of the dancers, the energy, the colour, the way it’s presented, the sheer … it’s just brilliant, just overwhelmingly beautiful.”


“I’m married to a Hungarian, and music and dancing, it’s part of us. It [classical Chinese and ethnic dances] is very important, I mean they explained to us that this is tradition, and they can’t do it in their own country, and it’s very important that they are able to do this, and I think that it is absolutely wonderful that they can bring it to other countries and show it to us so that we can learn.”


“I have to admit that the communist one brought tears to my eyes, because, and I’ll get emotional again, my husband came from a communist country, and his family left because of that. And I was very touched by that.”


“I think it must be very difficult for them [not to be able to perform in China]. Because to be able to express, that’s years, thousands of years of tradition, and it belongs to that country, it shouldn’t have to be celebrated away from that country.”


“It is good for everyone else to see the traditions and the culture of the Chinese, to listen to that music, and to appreciate the different culture.”