Shen Yun Orchestra’s Music ‘Fills my life with vitality,’ Says Rotary Club Director

September 24, 2017

“It’s hard to come by a performance that is in the form of Western orchestra but is able to play music that carries the essence of Chinese culture. I can feel rich Chinese culture in the air when Shen Yun performs. For example, the erhu artist plays a very precious part of our culture and it echoes within me.” 

“The opening piece [“Descent from Heaven-A Renewal”] sounds like gods welcoming us! In the beginning of the first piece, the melody, the drumming, and every note, makes me feel grand—it feels like God is right next to me.” 

“The sound from the gongs and the drums creates very positive energy and every note from every artist fills my life with vitality. Besides feeling calm and peaceful, I also feel that life is full of hope and love—it’s terrific!”