Shen Yun Orchestra Eastern and Western Instruments Blending Is Very Natural, Musician Says

March 28, 2018

“Wow, first of all there is an amazing orchestra here; the live music is an inseparable part of everything that is going on here. … The dancers are just stunning, the synchronization between them, the colors, the backdrop, the music, everything is just fascinating, fascinating from the beginning to the end; everything is fascinating.”

“They [the musicians] make it [blending Eastern and Western instruments] so beautiful and authentic that I didn’t even think about it. … It’s very natural. The combination is very natural; amazing.”

“I was very happy to see that they also talk about what is happening in China today, raising awareness about what is happening in terms of the Communist Party and the madness going on there for decades already. I also liked it very much that they touch on the tradition, meaning, they show how it was along the history. It is very interesting—it’s great to be exposed to that.”