Shen Yun Orchestra Creates Pictures for Rotary Club President

September 24, 2017

“Shen Yun’s music tightly holds my attention and emotions. It touches me as much as it did with its dancing performance.” 

“I am amazed! I thought that the dances should have a better entertaining effect because of its lighting, colors, and movements. However Shen Yun’s Symphony Orchestra exceeded my expectation. It in fact creates pictures in my mind with its music.”  

“Now I know that listening creates a more delicate and subtle perception compared to vision. I felt a positive energy. The structure, design and the elegance of the artists makes me feel positive energy from its performances. It shows that Shen Yun cares.”  

“I was busy and didn’t have time to come to the show. But my experience this time tells me that listening to Shen Yun’s music live has a lot to gain compared to just listening to what others had to say. I will keep the positive energy in my heart. It will inspire me in my life and thoughts.” 

“The conductor invests his emotions into the team. Though his back faces the audience but he definitely is the key figure in the performances. Every artist closely watches him and as a result the performance is a great success.” 

“This is a rewarding experience! I will tell my friends how terrific Shen Yun is.”