Shen Yun Opens Your Heart, Former Dancer Says

May 9, 2017

“I love it. It evoked a lot of emotions. … I feel like I’m in a color therapy. And the same way with the sounds, which evoke a lot of feelings. That’s really healing, very touching to your heart, so it opens your heart.”

“I think all of it has a way of awaking your senses and opening your heart. … I’m a dancer also. I used to study ballet and danced all my life. I can totally relate to the dancing part and the music. I love it so much.”

“I’m a spiritual person, and I’m always a seeker of the divine. That’s the part that really excited me to come to see the show because we all need more awakening in today’s world.

“We’re so busy. People stick to their phones. We don’t connect much any more. We connected with our Wi-Fi. But we don’t have this connection—true connection to the world. … So it’s really evoking the idea of connection to the divine because we are part of it. …

“We can choose to shut it off and be completely out of it and do our everyday life, but it’s going to, at the end, make us sick. … I think we need that connection and order to thrive as humanity, to survive.”

“I’d say [to friends] that you should get prepared to get all your senses awakened. Maybe you’ll be awakened to something you haven’t been aware of, that you have inside.”