Shen Yun Needed More Than Ever, Priest Says

February 17, 2018

“I think it is essential for the world … to keep elements, principles that Shen Yun presents alive. We need them today more than ever, I mean, not only in communist countries but even here. When we talk about the Creator, about the divine, the role of the divine in our society, what can be more important?”

“I come here every year to see it because I think it is just unique. [I’ve come] every year for the last four years.”

“I think that part when the couple gets separated [the dance ‘Unprecedented Crime’] and then … when he is liberated, the divine is present. I think it is beautiful. I think everyone in the audience loves it, and I think it is a unique message. ”

“If you forget those religious principles, all connection to the Creator as they said, to the divine, it is not good for us. We are in danger, too. We are in danger … to be swallowed by a system like the communist.”

“Every time when you see a society where the divine is taken away, freedom is taken away.”

“This is something you have to come and see. … You cannot really explain. That’s how good things are.”