Shen Yun Musicians Play ‘Like Angels’

October 6, 2018

“I loved it. It was amazing. Beautiful music, incredible, but also fun. It’s very important to come out and have a good night, to enjoy the best of the best.”

“I teach people how to build wealth, and part of building wealth is understanding the mind, the body, and the soul, and part of understanding the mind and body is listening to beautiful music, so I enjoyed the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra] very much.”

“It was East and West together, and it was nice to hear both. I really enjoyed it.”

“I felt the energy. It’s almost like it takes you up a hill to the clouds. You start in the valley, and then you’re moving up a hill into the clouds … I almost felt as though I was out in a wide open field with a beautiful breeze, and it seemed as though I could see as far as the eye can see.

“It made me feel as though I was looking one way and I saw beautiful mountains, and I turned another way and I saw the beautiful fields, and I turned another way again and I saw the beautiful ocean. … it really connected me to the earth, it really connected me to the elements. And I thought that was very beautiful.”

“I felt young again, like when the world was new. … I felt very rejuvenated… Although I didn’t know people in the audience, the music was so beautiful that I felt connected to them, and as we all clapped and applauded, and the audience was showing appreciation for such beautiful music, I felt part of a large body.”

“I found the music refreshing, I found it connecting me to myself, and from myself up into the heavens. It’s almost like it came from God. It’s almost like if you had angels playing, that’s what it’s like. They were like angels on the stage. The way they moved as they were playing– they all moved as one. It seemed like I was sitting among angels, and they were playing, and they were sharing, and I felt the music come out of each person.

“Each person, as they were playing, it seems as though they were playing just for me. Even though we were in a very large room, I felt as though they were all there giving everything that they had through their music, through their instruments, and I felt that they were speaking to me.

“As they were connected to me, then I felt connected to everybody else. Because I’m sure everybody else felt as though they were the only person in the room. It’s like when you meet somebody in a very crowded room and you’re speaking to them, all of a sudden you’re the only person. Well, I felt like I was the only person in the room, and there was almost a perfect silence where you hear nothing else but the music. And if every single person felt that way, that they were the only ones in the room, then we each reached a certain level of peace that connects us all.”

“I felt as though this was 3,000 years ago, … and I’m sitting there, [wondering] where is that emperor because they’re playing music for royalty.”

“It’s amazing. Even when they were playing and there was no singing, I heard singing, and then when there was singing, I heard playing. It was really amazing. I could picture dancers around. … It’s almost like being in a large room, and it’s a beautiful floor, and nice lighting and you want to just twirl and dance and just be free. I loved it. If we could have danced, we would have danced. It seems like dancers were there. I was so impressed.”

“If you want to learn a culture, you have to eat a meal with that culture, you have to listen to their music because with their music come thousands of years of their fight. Their fight for individuality, their fight to express themselves, and that expression to help other people realize that as bad as the day is out there, as tough as this world is, for this moment in time, this is the perfect moment. At this moment there is nowhere else we’d rather be. Just here, listening to this beautiful music.

“It gives people a rest. I am relaxed, I am excited, it was emotional, it was fun. The music was just perfect. Everybody was perfect. I was sitting back thinking, how many years of practice do they have? And they do this every night; perfectly. It’s just amazing to watch perfection every single night over and over again.”

“Sometimes we’re working all day and the stress of the world is on our shoulders. When you come here and listen to this [Shen Yun] orchestra, you feel like the whole weight of the world is off of your shoulders. You feel young again.

“As we grow older, we have lots of problems, lots of concerns, lots of responsibility. I had no responsibility in here. All the responsibility was left at the door, and when I was here, I had not a care in the world.”