Shen Yun Music Is Incredible, Says Grammy-Nominated Musician

January 13, 2017

“I feel exhilarated, exhilarated! I was lifted music-wise. The dancing, costuming, were all incredible. It’s a show that everybody must see.”
“I thought the music was incredible. The way that the Western and the Asian music [were combined] together and they did that fusion sound—I thought that was incredible. As a musician I know that you can mix music and they did that so professionally and so well.”
“The 5,000-year history of China—not too many people know about this, and this is something that was brought out very vividly in all the dancing. And that’s what took me away.”

Angel Justiniano, musician, co-director of Swing Sextet
David H. Koch Theater, New York, United States
Shen Yun International Company
January 12, 2017