Shen Yun Music Is Healing, Architect Says

October 7, 2018

“I feel connected, the music has made me think of really, really happy memories … it tapped into what I love and in the process it made me just completely feel whole. The music itself made me feel alive, it forced me to be here, now! to live in the moment, not think about the past, not be in the future, but to actually be present, and the power of that is why we are human, we are here to be human, and this music is a catalyst of that.”

“The thing that was consistent was the style in which they play, and you can tell that there was something deeper than just the instruments that plays music. … It was the piece of putting your heart into the music—you could feel that. It was a positive and driven intent, it was purposeful, it was there to help, rather than just to show off. The music was being played to bring everyone together and to tap into that deeper portion of us, rather than just show off, rather than this sounds nice to listen to, no, it was healing.”

“The vibration that instruments play, the persons that plays the instrument as well, their vibration has to be in sync, and if that intention is in sync, then it’s going to emit a positive vibration, or you can say a higher frequency of vibration. And then the people who are listening will feel it … the more open you are, the deeper it goes inside you, where you can actually feel it’s true purpose and intentions. You must experience it!”