Shen Yun Music ‘Encourages and Comforts My Spirit,’ Taiwanese Professor Says

September 15, 2018

“The music was quite touching. I could feel that the greatness of [traditional] Chinese culture became part of the music. Not only did the music touch people, it also purified my heart.”

“When the three erhu soloists came out playing together, I was so touched. … At that moment, I was truly connected with the beauty of the [traditional] Chinese culture.”

“The music encouraged and comforted my spirit at the same time.”

“What is outstanding about Shen Yun’s music is how it is able to blend the beauty of [traditional] Chinese culture into the combination of Chinese and Western [instruments]. … I think people of any race or from any region can appreciate the beauty of this music.”

“The music was quite poetic. Images of beautiful women dancing and of a couple gently speaking to each other came to mind.”

“These performers must have undertaken some kind of meditation — the peacefulness in their hearts came through in their performance. The music they played was so pure and refreshing.”

“The feeling that I get from this company, Shen Yun, is that it has a certain distinctive charm. It is almost as if gods were giving them a hand. This charm was brought forth with the music. That was really unbelievable.”