Shen Yun More Than Just a Dance, It’s a Cultural Experience, Says Journalist

February 19, 2017

“It’s great. I’ve never seen such a diverse number of performances on one stage in one show, so I really liked that it had all sorts of different things happening at the same time. It was very enjoyable.”

“I really liked the [erhu], the sort of Chinese violin with two strings. I thought the player was very impressive and the song was … emotional and a little bit sad, I thought it.”

“In my experience going to China, you don’t really see [the spirituality] in the contemporary society. It’s … a different experience of China than you have if you go … to the Mainland, which is basically, utterly without any religion. … So obviously something’s missing in China now without that kind of thousands of years of tradition.”

“I think it’s encouraging that something like this exists, and it’s a big success. I mean it’s all over the world, and it’s an important message about China that people need to hear.”


“It’s more than just a dance. It’s like … a cultural experience I think.”