Shen Yun Makes You Reflect, Publishing Director Says

February 25, 2018

“The costumes, the dancing especially, and the synchronicity of it all. And the use of the screen, that was really clever.”

“[The music is] very peaceful, very beautiful music. Very emotional.”

“I perhaps have slightly different beliefs, but I think that’s where the calm and the peace came from, from that spirituality [in the performance].”

“I think the desire to remember the old ways, and what’s important in life, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, to me that’s an important thing.”

“The modern ways of life are not necessarily the best, and we are losing important things, you know, family and thinking more deeply about things.”

“That’s why I’ve brought my children, because that’s something I believe in too, and there are bigger things to think about.”

“I hope that anybody who sees [Shen Yun], it makes them think and reflect on maybe where their own life is going, and also to understand more about other cultures, and have a more international outlook, and respect for other people’s beliefs.”