Shen Yun Makes You ‘Literally Transcend the Human Experience’

May 4, 2017

“It was fantastic. The symbolism, the movement, the fluidity, the lines are fantastic. It really got to me.”

“The one about Daoism, I love the symbolism of it … Because you have to listen to the inner life within you.”


“I was tingling the entire time just because … the symbolism. Even the dancing itself, when they weren’t in turmoil there were a lot of circles like the Dao itself, like yin and yang, and in the moment there’s a strife, broke the flow of the energy that was going in within the moves themselves—it was just amazing all the way through.”

“It’s the beauty of the art itself, you’re not just kind of connected to the artist but the composer, you’re literally transcending the human experience, not just that moment. It’s flowing with the energy of being human.”