Shen Yun ‘Makes You Feel Alive,’ Dance Teacher Says

April 4, 2018

“I really like the performance. I was really impressed by the skills of the dancers. I was impressed by the singers as well. I thought it was a beautiful show, beautiful costumes, and different stories of each piece of the show. I really enjoyed it a lot.”

“Since I am a ballerina, I am really strict. I look at the dancers and I am really picky about how they move and how they dance, so for me I was really impressed by the skills and techniques of the dancers. I thought they did a great job—they really impress me a lot.”

“Some of the moves they were doing were like ice skating a little bit, like the fluidity in the movement. … So that was kind of cool to see some of the differences between ballet and Chinese dance.”

“[The music] was awesome. The orchestra was great. I really like the [erhu]. The lady with the [erhu] did a great job. I was really impressed by her skill. That one was really cool. I really enjoyed that a lot. And I was impressed by all the instruments that were played.”

“I felt alive. Sometimes you see dancers on stage; they kind of bring life out on the stage. All the backgrounds are really impressive. I felt that I wanted to get up and dance too.”

“It was a great experience. I would say everybody should go see the show at least once. I want to tell my mom and dad to go see it—I would say everybody should go see the show. It’s a great opportunity to make you feel alive.”