Shen Yun Makes Us Feel Happy, Former Ballet Dancer Says

March 6, 2017

“I like the lines. I like the techniques. I love the teamwork. … They work together, and they dance together, and that’s perfect.”

“I think they have the ultimate lines of ballet, classical ballet, because you have the basics. You can judge the dancing from the basics, and the basics with these dancers when they are performing is amazing—like beyond!”

“The colors are so beautiful, make us feel happy. They take me back to my childhood—all the colors. And it has the purity—the colors and the combination. It makes us feel good and takes us to a different world. See, I’m happy, in a different world.”

“You’re looking at it, not just watching the scenes, the colors, the technique, the background, but rather you’re feeling it. It just takes you in, feels so good. Make me feel happy—totally different levels of feelings that you don’t experience every day. It’s just totally different.”