Shen Yun ‘Magnificent,’ ‘Glorious,’ ‘Uniting,’ Says Minister

March 29, 2017

“It was magnificent. On an artistic level, and athletic level, the stamina shown by all the dancers was tremendous. They seemed to be all equally spectacular. It wasn’t as though one or two soloists that stole the show. The whole show was just … my favorite one, I have to say, was the “Yellow Blossoms” dance. I just loved that; it was delightful. It brought so much joy.

“I also appreciated this entire performance because there were no punches pulled as far as the challenges that are still faced by the people of China, and [I’m] very glad to be made aware of this. 

“There is such a beautiful and very palatable presentation where the Western mindset can “get it,” receive it, understand it, and be able to respond in appropriate ways. 

“Then the lovely [dance vignette] about the truthfulness, forgiveness, tolerance – they all had wonderful messages – the funny ones, the humorous ones. There was a great balance in the show. I really, thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.”

“I loved the instrument with two strings [erhu]. That was glorious, glorious. And the accompaniment on the piano seemed to be perfectly written. It was a perfect blend. Those two instruments were dancing together. So, it was a whole evening of dancing whatever way you look at it.”

“(Did Chinese spirituality resonate with you?) Yes. Absolutely. Especially when speaking of the Dafa culture, the people that practice that, about the divine—there’s so much more that’s similar with us than what is different with us.”

“Another takeaway from this presentation is that it’s very uniting to all peoples.”