Shen Yun Like a History Lesson That’s Entertaining and Fun, Says Dance Show Producer

January 4, 2018

“I was born and raised in Canada but I live in Vietnam now. So it was nice that I came here to visit and Shen Yun was performing. … The fact that I’m here for the holidays and I was able to catch the show this year, I’m really, really happy about it. It was so good!”

“I teach dance in Vietnam. I have my own dance school. I’m a director of a dance company, and a dance producer of shows as well. I see the link between Vietnamese dance and Chinese dance, and with what I saw today, it was really, really cool.”

“Talking about the dancers, their movement, their technique, … you see their arms, you see their feet, you see their fingers, everything was just on point, so beautiful. I was blown away. And even when the show was done, I sat there staring at the stage waiting for the curtain to come up one more time. Maybe there was a surprise but I guess I’ll have to come again.”

“[The female dancers were] amazing, amazing. [Referring to difficult dance movements performed during the ‘Soaring Handkerchiefs’ dance,] they’re spinning the handkerchiefs and smiling and performing. The audience was in awe. I was in awe…I’ve seen a lot of shows. This is on my top.”

“The male dancers were so masculine and so strong, and performed their characters so well.”

“The storytelling was really good. … The fact that we had the two hosts come out who helped explain, that was really good on the production side as well as the acting. … It was very clear who the characters were. I thought it was really, really well done.”

“It was like a history lesson but they made it interesting, entertaining, and fun.”

“[To Shen Yun,] please come to Vietnam. Please. I’ll be there. And I really encourage people to come and see the show. Not just because it’s a dance show or a performance, but you really learn something. You have fun. It’s amazing. And thank you, Shen Yun.”

John Huy Tran, Dance school owner, dance company director, dance show producer
Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada
Shen Yun New York Company
January 4, 2018